Pastoral Plan 2016:

Liturgy Committee Pastoral Plan 2016:

1A) Suggested Parish Goal

         1.1) To increase the parishioners opportunities of worship, and

1.2) To enrich the understanding of the parishioners about the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

2A)    Objective:  to encourage active participation in liturgical events and

         devotions centered in the Year of Mercy (e.g. Friday Adoration of the

Blessed Sacrament) and

         To include regular written presentations of the Works of Mercy in

the Parish Bulletin.

3A)    Strategy: invite, engage and facilitate the attendance to liturgical


         Draft material for the presentations in the Bulletin to be reviewed and endorsed by the Liturgy Committee

4A)    Estimated Time Line: from January to November 2016

5A)    Persons most responsible: Father Dau and the Liturgy Committee

6A)    Estimated Costs: No foreseeable costs

7A)    Indicators of success:

         Increased parishioners attendance to liturgical events;

Positive feedback of parishioners about the educational components of the presentations.

1B) Suggested Parish Goal: to increase the number of parishioners

         involved in liturgical Ministries.

2B)    Objective: to recruit and train parishioners in the different

Ministries and to continue updating the training of those already involved.

3B)   Strategy: to include in the Bulletin regular information of ministry

         requirements and  the need for volunteer, and

         to provide workshops regularly, and

to make possible that parishioners active in Ministries enhance the knowledge in their Ministries by participating in workshops, conventions and other events offered at a Diocesan or higher level.

4B)    Estimated Timeline: Ongoing basis

5B)    Persons most responsible: Father Dau, Liturgy Committee, Diocese.

6B)    Estimated cost:  for in-house training: printing of brochures; refreshments.

         For our of the Parish events: Registration and travel costs.

7B)    Indicators of success:

         Increased number of parishioners taking on a Ministry

         Positive feedback from participants in workshops.


Religious Education  Pastoral Plan

Under the heading "Religious Education" there are 5 ministries I am responsible for. Some of these have very similar goals and outcomes as they are all linked.

Using the 8 points here are the Pastoral Plan actions:

** Faith Formation: 1) Parish goal - the opportunity to educate the youth of our community in our faith.

                                 2) Objective - First, in the home through the example and guidance of parents, and then through the              

agency of the parish and the community continuing education.

                                 3) Strategy - teaching weekly a curriculum both for class with a teacher and at home with their primary teachers, their parents.

                              4) Estimated time line - beginning in September ending mid May.

                              5) Persons most responsible, The program facilitator, teachers and parents.

                              6) Real cost - There is a fee of $30 per child or $50 per family.

                                 7) Indicators of success for parish goal - Having the children and their families come to mass and parish events. Each year we have stayed within 45 - 50 children enrolled even though we have 10 - 15 leave after they have completed their confirmation. This shows a steady stream of new students.

                                 8) Partnering with other parishes - this past year I invited all the religious education coordinators on the island to a meeting at St Edwards. We had a good turnout. There were 14 people and also the principal of Queen of Angels, Kathy Korman attending. We shared strategies and hurdles we all have in common. We have established a group email and continue to stay in contact.

**Children's Liturgy: This program is very much on the same page as F.F.

                              1) Parish Goal: see above

                              2) Objective: See above

                              3) Strategy: Teaching the children during the homily using child friendly dialogue engaging and initiating them in their life-long journey of faith rooted in the Sunday Liturgy

                                 4) Time line: The class is the length of the homily and begins Sept. through to the end of June.

                                 5) Persons most responsible are Terry teasdale, and teachers

                                 6) Real Cost - aprox. $300.per year.

                              7) Indicators of success:  Faithfulness, commitment to the program. The continued growth of the number of children attending and of course the knowledge we see they have in the classes.

                              8)Partnering: See above.

**Sacramental prep is done as part of the Faith Formation program.

**Family Masses are once a month and they as well run in tandem with Faith Formation and as an outreach in the parish.

**Bible Camp: 1) Parish Goal: To provide a fun summer activity where our children can continue to grow in the knowledge and love of Christ in a group of their peers.

                      2) Objective: Fun, Faith, and stewardship of our community and our planet.

                      3) Strategy: Planning days that include the teachings of our faith in a summer camp mode.

                      4) Time line: The week after the August long weekend from 9 -3 daily.

                      5) Persons most responsible: Camp leader, helpers and junior helpers (this year we had 9 students from Gr. 9 at Queen of Angels.)

                      6) Real cost: The camp fee this year was $30 per child.

                      7) Indicators of success: Seeing the children as they progress through the week living the word amongst each other. Sharing, being patient, caring for one another and their planet -  this is success.

                      8) Partnering with other parishes: We have children from other parishes in our camp and they become friends with each other sharing experiences.

It is a privilege to work with all the people involved in these ministries and I can add that this is not a job but a vocation for all of us. Thank you for your stewardship.




Adult Formation Evening Sessions

a)      Suggested Parish Goal: To offer opportunities every liturgical year for adults to enrich their faith formation and understanding of the teachings of the Church. This year’s sessions are linked to Adult Religious Education, Sanctity of Human Life and Parish Outreach, Social Justice and Ecumenism core priorities in Diocesan Pastoral Plan.  They address the adult catechetical tasks of promoting knowledge of the faith, moral formation and education of community life.

b)      Objective:  To offer different opportunities for adult faith formation to be delivered in the fall 2015 and winter 2016, that have been identified as of interest by previous adult formation sessions or discussions with specific groups within the parish, that will help people better understand our faith and other faiths, become more familiar with scripture and better appreciate the teachings of the Church.  Suggested actions include (see Appendix A for more detailed information on ongoing faith formations);

•        Conduct 14 weeks of an ongoing adult faith formation course using Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter Laudato Si (2015) and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Building a New Culture Central Themes in Recent Church Teachings on the Environment (2013).  Sessions of one hour duration will run between September 2015 and February 2016.

c)      Strategy: The following actions will be used for the Ongoing Adult Faith Formation series:

Action 1: Review Laudato Si (2015) and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops Building a New Culture Central Themes in Recent Church Teachings on the Environment (2013).

Action 2: Choose the relevant support material(s) or book(s) that will be used to supplement the main book.  Include local Cowichan Valley examples of environmental issues and strategies based on my environmental advocacy work with the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society.

Action 3: Develop a calendar of sessions, weekly session plan and resource materials as required.

Action 4: Identify support facilitator(s) or presenters for the sessions.

Action 5: Offer sessions as planned and advertised.

Action 6: Evaluate ongoing adult faith formation series at the last session.

d)      Estimated Timeline:

•        The 2015/16 ongoing adult faith formation will be offered Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. between September 2015 and Lent 2016.  This series will start September 30, 2015 and go until Lent 2016. 

•        A 2016/17 ongoing adult faith formation session will be designed over the summer of 2016 and run with similar timelines to the 2015/16 sessions.

e)      Lead Facilitator:

•        Ongoing adult faith formation series facilitator will be Phil Jennings.

f)       Estimated Costs: Ongoing adult faith formation series books will be charged on a cost recovery basis to allow for the cost and shipping charges the parish initially pays to be recovered.  (If there are costs associated with potential guest speakers for the adult faith formation sessions stipends may be offered, the 2016 budget request of $700.00 has been submitted for continuing education speakers and adult education resources).

g)      Indicators of Success for the 2015/16 sessions are (similar ones will be designed for the 2016/17 sessions once it is developed):

1.      A consistent number of people will attend the 14 weeks of the faith formation series.

2.      At least 3 people will get the Encyclical to read on their own.

3.      People will share how their faith has been affected.

4.      People will express how their understanding of faith, scripture and the teaching of the Church has changed.

5.      People will express a desire to attend other sessions and/or the intent to refer others to the next session.

h)      Partnering with other parishes or groups.

Although not part of the St. Edward’s goal there have been two requests to November 2015 for Presentations on Laudato Si. 

•        The first was at the Fall Interim Meeting of the CWL held in Victoria October 2nd.  This was done and was well received by the CWL members who heard the presentation.

•        The second is in early discussions with St. Joseph the Worker’s Pastor to do a short series in January and February of 2016.

Note: as planning for the adult faith formation series usually goes from June to August and delivery for is from September to March the Advent to Advent planning for Pastoral Plans this year is only partially developed by November 2015 when the submissions are due.  To accommodate next year on an Advent based plan an 18 month view will need to be developed.

      B.         2015 Advent Reflection Evenings

Father Luyen C.Ss.R., the adult faith formation facilitator, and a younger family will offer three different perspectives on devotion to and prayer to the Holy Family and how it can be a great support for the domestic church families of today. 

a)      Suggested Parish Goal: To enrich the understanding of families in our parish about devotion and prayer to the Holy Family. (linked to Prayer, and Word of God core priority in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan and addresses the catechetical task of developing prayer life/teaching to pray).

b)      Objective:  To provide 3 different perspectives on the beauty of devotion and prayer to the Holy Family.

c)      Strategy: The following general actions will be used:

Action 1: Decide on dates of the reflections.

Action 2: Book church for reflection evenings. 

Action 3: Decide on order the order of the presenters.

Action 4: Develop format and material for each presentation.

Action 5: Choose any relevant support material(s) that addresses the theme.

Action 6: Organize resource material and equipment for the sessions.

Action 7: Advertise reflection themes and times of sessions.

Action 8: Offer sessions as planned and advertised.

Action 9: Evaluate session through verbal review on the third evening.

d)      Estimated Timeline:

•        December 4th 2015 to December 18th.  On 3 consecutive Friday evenings starting at 6:30 p.m. there will a 45 minute session/reflection on the Holy Family and how devotion and prayer to the Holy Family can support today’s family as the domestic church.  Pot luck dinners will follow.

e)      Facilitators:

•        Father Luyen C.Ss.R., Phil Jennings and Fritz Fernandez

f)       Estimated Costs: no costs are anticipated

g)      Indicators of Success are:

1.      People consistently attending over the three evenings.

2.      People will share how their faith has been affected.

3.      A positive oral evaluation at the end of the third night.

h)      Partnering with other parishes or groups:

An open invitation will be made at St. Edward’s and the surrounding parishes.

C.      2016 Lenten Mission

Father Luyen C.Ss.R. is currently in discussions with Father Joachim O.F.M. to conduct a 3 day

2016 Lenten mission.

a)      Suggested Parish Goal: To explore the knowledge of modern science from the perspective of a Franciscan Friar and how science and Christian faith support each other.  (linked Parish Outreach, Social Justice and Ecumenism core priority in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan and addresses the catechetical task of education for community life).

b)      Objectives:  Participants will explore what it means to be Christian in this time of Laudato Si and its’ wisdom by:

o       looking at what modern science has taught us, and

o       in what ways modern science challenges our faith.

c)      Strategy: The following general actions will be used:

Action 1: Decide on date(s) of the mission.

Action 2: Book church for the mission. 

Action 3: Confirm the presenter.

Action 4: Choose any relevant support material(s) that addresses the theme.

Action 5: Organize resource material and equipment for the sessions.

Action 6: Advertise theme and time of mission.

Action 7: Offer mission as planned and advertised.

Action 8: Evaluate session through verbal review on the third evening.

d)      Estimated Timeline:

•        February 25 – 27, 2016

e)      Facilitators and Presenter:

•        Father Luyen C.Ss.R. and Phil Jennings (facilitators)

•        Father Joachim O.F.M. (presenter)

f)       Estimated Costs: honorarium for Father Joachim and possible other costs still to be decided (budgeted for up to $800 in adult faith formation budget for a mission and other adult education expenses)

g)      Indicators of Success are:

1.      People consistently attending the 3 days of the mission.

2.      People will share how their faith has been affected by the sessions.

3.      A positive oral evaluation at the end of the third night.

h)      Partnering with other parishes or groups:

An open invitation will be made at St. Edward’s and the surrounding


Parish Goal: St Edward the Confessor Parish 2015/2016 Parish Pastoral Plan

To maintain the Church complex and its associated property and to maintain and enhance its appearance and operational functionality.

  • Overall objective:
    To maintain, repair and improve the physical assets of the parish

Ensure all safety needs and standards are met
Maintain the Church building and its services in good repair
Provide a pleasing yet functional environment for all parish activities
Ensure those with disabilaties have reasonable and safe access to all facilities in the parish complex

  • Objectives currently identified:
  1. Replace the stairwell carpet with carpet or hard surface non skid material on the stairs and

paint the stairwell to brighten it

  1. Clean, repair, renovate the rear entrance to the hall
  2. Repair or replace the railing alongside the hall rear entrance stairs and install a handrail
  3. Clean the sound baffle system at the rear of the worship area
  4. South side garden renovation
  5. Security survey and evaluation
  6. Ongoing minor maintenance
  7. Repaint the parking lot road markings
  • Process:
    The following process is to be followed for all maintenance and new projects costing more than $100

Define the requirement Identify the project goals, objectives, scope, risks, issues, budget, timescale and approach

Initiation - Establish the case for undertaking the project or task, scope of the project and user expectations.

PPC approval - Estimated costs for each project will be determined and where required presented to the PPC for approval.

Planning - Create a project or work plan, deliver the required request.
Monitoring & Control – Provide regular reporting of progress, issues, risks and review to make

sure that the expected benefits will be delivered and are still valid.

Closure - Get agreement that the project has ended, and no more work is required and all 2015-11-20 Maintenance-2 Page 1

documentation has been delivered to the church office (maintenance chair).

Estimated time-lines for identified and approved projects

1. No new projects have been approved at this time

  • The maintenance committee will assign responsibility for each of the tasks as appropriate.
  • All requests for maintenance and new projects should please be directed to the maintenance

chair or designate so that they can be tracked and recorded as appropriate

  • Monitoring and control - Progress on the delivery of each approved project will be reported to

the PPC with a monthly report summarizing all maintenance activity.

  • Completion - A close-out summary of each project will be prepared showing the final cost and

time against budget.

John Blore
Maintenance Committee Chair


Youth Group Plan  2015

Parish Goal: To welcome and encourage the Youth of our community to participate in the activities of the Parish, including attending Mass.

 Objective:  Our objective  is to provide the opportunity for our community’s Youth to learn about God’s presence and gifts in our lives through fellowship, games, lessons, prayer and community service.

Strategy: The fellowship and cooperative games help the Youth feel comfortable in each other’s company, giving them the comfort and freedom to participate in the discussion portion of the evening. Each lesson is designed to deepen the understanding of God’s message and how it can be applied in, and enrich our everyday lives, demystifying the roots of Catholicism and showing the students the benefits to themselves and their community of walking Christ’s path. 

     Retreats provide an opportunity for the participants to delve deeper into issues of faith and spirituality that require time and undistracted focus.  The retreats will be encouraged and made possible for most families by fundraisingThe fundraising will also give the Youth a chance to work together for a common goal, as does community service.  The community service aspect of our events gives everyone the opportunity to work towards a selfless goal of helping the community as a whole, and helps shift a young person’s focus and awareness off themselves and helps to bring out the altruism in everyone.

     The regular meetings will take place after 5:00pm Mass on Saturday nights from 6:30 to 8:30.  Special events will be scheduled as the come up.  Some of our plans include Bottle Drive fundraisers, Take and Bake pizza fundraiser, Pasta Dinner fundraiser, working with the Basket Society helping gather, package and distribute food and Christmas hampers, visiting the care homes to entertain with songs and helping out with CWL or K of C social events after Mass.

     We will encourage participation in the Mass by teaching the Youth about what happens during Mass and what the actions and prayers mean, and giving the kids a chance to perform some of the Mass functions during the Youth Mass held on the first Saturday of every month.  To facilitate this, we would need the very flexible participation of the teams that usually carry out these tasks, as we often don’t know who will be participating until they show up for Mass.  There are a few families that are very regular with their attendance, and can be counted on to participate.  The support of seeing peers participate will help the shy and nervous ones to be willing to stand up and be seen.


Estimated Time Line: Our group meets once per week from September to June, with special events slotted in as they come up.

n  See attached schedule of events

Persons Most Responsible: Camille and Mike Nunn

Real Costs:

     February 5,6,7, 2016  Camp Homewood (gr 7-12) = $150 per participant

     May 2016 (tentative)  Camp Imadene (gr 6-12) =  $150 per participant

     Pizza party (4 per year usually) = $125 per party average

     T-shirts for this year = $210

     Expenses for fundraising will vary and be covered by the event itself

Indicators of Success of Goal:  We will consider our efforts a success if we see more participation from the Youth during the Youth Mass, and an increase in attendance at regular Masses, especially with active participation.  We would like to see the Youth volunteer to be altar servers, readers, or fill any position where their help is accepted.

    An increase in attendance at meetings and participation during discussions will show us that the Youth are becoming more comfortable with the topics, and with each other, and willing to share.

     Being able to send all the Youth who wish to participate in the retreats to the events without a financial burden will mean our fundraising goal has been met.

Partnering with other parishes:  We will invite the Youth Group from Trinity Parish in Nanaimo to join us for regular meetings and retreats, as we did last year. We also worked with Trinity last year to set up and run Camp Imadene, and will invite them to join us again this year.



Adult Faith Formation Ministry

Adult Faith Formation is a catechetical ministry specifically designed for adults using adult learning principles. It offers opportunities for adults to continue their faith development and enrich their faith journey through shared witnessing and discussions. It supports an ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated lifelong desire to grow in our faith and to better understand the teachings of our Church. Many people have traveled together for a number of years through their regular attendance of the opportunities offered over the past 6 years. Some people choose only to attend one or two years but all adults are welcomed as fellow travellers.

The opportunities are usually offered in two ways. The first being a series of evening sessions through the fall and winter months looking at a specific topic of our faith. A book is used as a guide and there is a trained facilitator who introduces the themes of the book and promotes discussion through question and reflections. The books used over the past 6 years include teachings of the Catholic Church, specific books of scripture and writings of the Pope. Various forms of Catholic spirituality, iconography and lives of the Saints are often blended into the sessions. The second approach uses short evening or afternoon sessions on a specific topic of faith such as the biblical basis of the Mass, living the Rosary, devotions for today or Christian stewardship. These sessions are held irregularly throughout the year.

Please contact Phil Jennings via the Parish office at (250) 746-6831 for information on Adult Faith Formation.

Prayers Inspired by Laudato Si’

The following prayers were inspired through the study of Laudato Si’ in the St. Edward’s adult faith formation sessions that ran from September 2015 to February 2016.  Each summarizes a number of units as they were covered sequentially through the 14 weekly sessions the group journeyed through to better understand and embrace the words of the Pope’s Encyclical.  They were written as the closing prayer to 13 of the 14 sessions, as the 14 session closed using the last prayer of the Encyclical; 
“A Cristian Prayer in Union with Creation”.

Week 1

Catholic Love Stewardship

Thank you God for your wisdom and the wisdom of our Church,

For the voices that cry out from community advocates and

For the written and visual media that stir our hearts to love more creatures, humanity and nature as Brothers and Sisters.

May we always be sensitive to how we use progress and technological innovations,

May it be for the betterment of humanity, the world and for the glory of God,

May we show our love for Mother Earth in our actions and how we fulfill our needs,

Let us not be seduced by worldliness in seeing people, creatures and the physical world as commodities for our consumption.


Week 2

God’s Love for All Created Things

God the ultimate lover and creator of all,

You brought into existence our world, the elements, nature, creatures and humanity.

Our Lord calls us to live as one united family caring for and

Being cared for through our relationships to all.

May we recognize this interdependency on You and

All Your gifts of creation.

May we always treat Your air, water and earth with respect and dignity as the sources of all life.

May we always share Your sources of life with equanimity,

Not hoarding, stealing or punishing others especially in their right to clean water.

May we see the loss of biodiversity as a sin against God and each other.


Week 3

Forgive us Lord for Disappointing You

I ask for forgiveness on behalf of humanity; for how we have set ourselves above God’s will for us,

Placing ourselves above all things that walk, crawl, swim and fly around us,

For abusing our Mother Earth as the robbers abused the man on the road to Jericho,

Wanting to strip, whip and stone to death her natural beauty through the greed of humanity.

I ask forgiveness as well for; those who abuse power, natural resources, and societies they victimize,

Those who ignore the cry of the poor or hide the truth for their own gain, and

Those who knowingly take from others and willingly leave them destitute on the road to the future.

Let us engage in healing love through the reconciliation of humanity to each other and with all other gifts of creation and nature.


Week 4

Open My Eyes to the Light of Faith

Heavenly Father we are blind without the healing touch of your Son upon our eyes.

Darkness is all around us, yet through our faith you desire for us to see.

Open our eyes to the plight of our common home and those Brothers and Sisters with whom we share it.

Let us seek the wisdom of the inspired word of God and the Word made Incarnate.

Scripture reminds us of your love for all creation and creatures, and

Of our relationships to defend human dignity, to see the fullness of nature and to express the value of all creation.

May we willing till and keep your world, protecting the earth and ensuring future fruitfulness.

Let us value the fragility of our world and universe and open ourselves fully to the mystery of beauty that surrounds us.

Let us transcend human self-centeredness and greed to feel the fullness of Christ’s embrace shared with all of nature and creation.


Week 5

God and Nature

Heavenly Father; we encounter You daily in creation,

We can see You present in the smallest of creatures,

We recognize Your face in the most majestic scene,

We hear You call to us through the sounds and elements of nature.

Loving Provider; you share all Your gifts with humanity and the world.

Let us acknowledge You as the common source of giving,

Let us take only what we need, share what we have, and leave most for the future,

Let us willingly commit with compassion and concern to be in communion with all creatures.

Merciful God; heal us when we set ourselves above others, especially the poor and marginalized, and

Forgive us when we waste what would bring life to others.

Allow us to gaze to the saving horizon of Your Son,

Who opens our hearts, teaches us harmony with nature, and

Exemplifies for us how to have a loving relationship with the world.


Week 6

The Greatness of God, The Folly of Humanity

God, Creator and Father of us all,

We have been blessed by the gifts of creation and

Most especially by the gift of your only begotten Son.

You gave all for all, to be kept and tilled,

To be for the benefit of all humanity and creation.

To provide for all generations until the end of time.

Heavenly Father you gave a special insight to humanity,

To take what you created and through our creativity and intellect

Co-create with you and nature beneficent things and actions.

Forgive us for our maleficent use of power, money and technology,

Not only today, but throughout our whole history with you.

Let us now reconcile with Christ Jesus by seeking his truth and to do your will.


Week 7

Brother Jesus Teach Us to Love

Loving and compassionate Jesus, our brother and our Lord,

Help us to recover the values and goals our Father wishes for us,

Help us to let go of our unrestrained delusions of grandeur, and

Free humanity from the prison of self-centeredness.

Source of the truth, the light and the Way,

Open our eyes to the difference between human prosperity and human greed,

Let us consider all people and creatures in our decisions.

Jesus who in your human life worked with your hands,

So too may we ensure meaningful work for all humans,

Work that brings with it respect for and dignity of the person,

As well as a means to provide for and sustain life.

Word made Incarnate, present from the beginning with God,

Open our hearts to the value of all of creation,

Limiting our destructive effects when we modify it for our use


Week 8

Mother Nature; Daughter of God and Sister of Christ

Mother Nature, let us recognize we are not you, but

We are part of you, called to be in tune with all creation,

In all of our human and social dimensions.

Let us reflect on that which we need for survival of society,

Recognizing all systems around us are ancient gifts of God.

Harmony with you and your other children makes a whole greater than all the parts.

Great Creator, let us recognize the diversity of cultures you made,

None better than another, all part of your design.

Forgive us for our failures of misguided dominations of the past,

Keep alive in us the memory of what our self-centerness did to others.

Let us accept and support all peoples’ definition of their quality of life.

Christ Jesus, you showed us human dignity is not based on power and wealth,

You continue to call us to share through mercy and shalom what we have with all,

Be it clean water, sanitation, infrastructure, and transportation,

At a cost that is affordable for sustaining normal life and human dignity.

Let us all have a home regardless of how it looks, as we remember your first home was a lowly stable.    - Amen 

Week 9

A Never Ending God of All and For All

Christ Jesus you came to teach humanity about justice and mercy;

That which comes from God for humanity, and

That which, we in our own lives, are called to pour out on others.

You always pointed to the common good and preference for the poor,

Shown through your words and deeds on respect for all,

Welfare of society, and the strength of and in the family.

You told us all ages and peoples are valued possessions of God,

You provoked us to reflect and discern on our treatment of others,

You showed us that others came before ourselves, seen most clearly in your solidarity with and great sacrifice for us.


Week 10

God, Father of All, Show Us Your Way

Heavenly Father you gave man free will,

Knowing we would not always be right or just,

You gave us your commandments to guide us,

Your Son’s life to save and redeem us, and

The Holy Spirit to nourish and guide us.

You gave us the ability to find wisdom, knowledge and understanding,

To think, to learn, to discern and to decide good over evil,

To communicate in many tongues and many media.

Forgive us when we do not show each other dignity, love and compassion.

Open our eyes to the common good of the created world,

Open our hearts to the common good of humanity,

Open our minds to truth, honesty, and making moral decisions,

Let us willingly open our hearts, minds and spirits to each other and to Mother Earth.


Week 11

Lord Teach Us to Listen to Each Other

Creator and Father of all humanity,

You gave us your commandments and

Entered into a lasting covenant with all people.

In our wanderings throughout history,

We have forgotten the oneness you desire for us,

Forgetting to care for each other as brothers and sisters.

We pray for the gift of wisdom and

The guidance of the Holy Spirit

To open our minds and hearts to a dialogue of love.

Let all perspectives be willingly shared,

Listened to with ears of faith and hope, and

Embraced as part of the wholeness humanity seeks.


Week 12

Prayer for Ecological Spirituality and Conversion

Lord Jesus as we gaze upon your face we know you love us,

Let us seek to encounter a change of heart, mind and spirit,

To experience in the fullest ecological conversions,

To take up vocations of protecting God’s handiwork.

Lord Jesus as we gaze upon your wounds we know you died for us,

Let our convictions of faith arouse in us an ecological spirituality,

Guide us as we share this within our family and community,

Open our eyes to the examples of St. Francis and St. Clare.

Lord Jesus you, with the Father, sent the Paraclete to guide us,

Through the Holy Spirit, let us be open to the ecological counsels

Expressing ourselves through an attitude of heart.

Let us live a contemplative lifestyle, seeing less as more and being grateful for what God has given us.  


Week 13

Finding My Beloved 

Creator God, giver of all things animate and inanimate,

May we learn to share fraternal love as you intended it to be,

Freely, fully and constantly, without reservation.

Let us willing carry our brothers and sisters when they are weak and tired,

Let us reach out with a gentle touch to all creatures, and

Let us embrace Mother Earth in our little ways of love.

Let us show each other through simple daily gestures,

Our love of cultures and our social life shared together, then

Let us as one common people rest in You and your creation.

Nourish us Lord, with the Bread of Life found in the Eucharist.

On Your Holy Day let us celebrate and contemplate You,

Taking time, in silence, to hear with ears of faith the stories of your cosmic love.



RCIA: Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults

This program is developed for people who wish to become Catholic, and perhaps someone who is a baptized Catholic but has not received the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation, or a Catholic who has ‘walked away’ from their faith and wishes to return. This process enables all of this to occur in a comfortable way. We grow spiritually and learn more about all of the Sacraments as we journey together in faith. Our sessions take place on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm in the parish library from the beginning of October to mid- May.

2015-16 RCIA Sessions will begin October 15, 2015 . For more information Please contact the Parish office or Fr. Luyen at 250-746-6831.




Youth Ministry

The fellowship and cooperative games help the Youth feel comfortable in each other’s company, giving them the comfort and freedom to participate in the discussion portion of the evening. Each lesson is designed to deepen the understanding of God’s message and how it can be applied in, and enrich our everyday lives, demystifying the roots of Catholicism and showing the students the benefits to themselves and their community of walking Christ’s path.

Retreats provide an opportunity for the participants to delve deeper into issues of faith and spirituality that require time and undistracted focus. The retreats will be encouraged and made possible for most families by fundraising. The fundraising will also give the Youth a chance to work together for a common goal, as does community service. The community service aspect of our events gives everyone the opportunity to work towards a selfless goal of helping the community as a whole, and helps shift a young person’s focus and awareness off themselves and helps to bring out the altruism in everyone.

The regular meetings will take place after 5:00pm Mass on Saturday nights from 6:30 to 8:30.

Please contact Camille and Mike Nunn via the Parish office at (250) 746-6831 for information on Youth Ministry.




Arts and Environment Ministry

At St. Edward’s this Ministry contributes to the visual experience of the liturgy by decorating the Worship Area throughout the liturgical year.

Parishioner can participate in: 

  • Flower arranging;
  • Decorating for Easter, Christmas and other Feast Days;
  • Care of sacred vessels, candle holders, etc.;
  • Sewing various articles such as banners; purificators, chausables, altar cloths etc.;
  • Laundering items used in the liturgy such as altar cloths, purificators, linens, albs etc.

If you enjoy decorating and or working with flowers, helpers are welcome and needed. Please call the parish office if you would like to be put on our list.


Altar Servers

Please contact Anna Kinsella via the Parish office for information on becoming an Altar Server.


Pastoral Care Outreach Ministry 

Our group is committed to care for and be supportive of the sick, elderly, homebound and bereaved. We meet the spiritual needs of our Church Community by visiting, bringing communion, participating in worship services and offering support to caregivers and those who are mourning or lonely.

To access this ministry, please contact Marilyn Klizs through the Parish Office.


Music Ministry

"When we turn to God, there is always something ineffable and unsaid left over. Then music can help out. In rejoicing, language becomes song - that is why the angels sing. Music in a worship service should make prayer more beautiful and more fervent, move more deeply the hearts of all in attendance and bring them closer to God, and prepare for God a feast of melody." (YOUCAT 183)

St. Edwards is fortunate enough to have two music groups, each with their own style:

  • Saturday Mass music group (5:00 pm) is accompanied with guitars, bass guitar, piano, flute and percussion.
  • Sunday Mass music choir (10:00 am) is accompanied with organ or piano.

If you are in the congregation, you are part of the choir, so sing out to praise our Lord!

If you play an instrument (even if it's not one mentioned above) and especially if you have the talent and ability to lead a new group, please contact us!


Children's Liturgy

Teaching the Word of God in a manner that the children can understand is a very important task in our faith.




Extra Ordinary Ministers to Holy Communion

Click here pdf to download the current handbook for Extra Ordinary Ministers to Holy Communion.