We, the people of St. Edward's, reaffirm our belief that we are children of God, created in love, diverse and unique. We believe that through our common Baptism, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are called to be Christ for one another and to foster unity with all peoples. We accept the challenge of living according to Gospel values, and we invite all sisters and brothers to share this journey with us.


About Us

St. Edward's Catholic Parish belongs to the Diocese of Victoria , under the stewardship of Bishop Gary Gordon. 

Administrator: Fr. Roger Poblete
Secretary: Cathy Higginson
Assistant Secretary: Andrea O'Higgins
Shelley Brimacombe
Queen of Angels Roman Catholic School Principal:
Kathy Korman
Parish Pastoral Council Chair:
Brenda Hennig
 DSC 0908
2085 Maple Bay Rd
Duncan, B.C
V9L 5L9
Phone: 250-746-6831
Fax: 250-748-5363
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